The Journey Begins – Millennium Luxury Coaches’ The Journey

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Published on August 13, 2015

Millennium Luxury Coaches unveils “The Journey” a new series highlighting the Craftsmen, Customers, and the Fascinating RV Lifestyle, with exclusive behind the scenes footage of the luxury motorhome conversion industry; future episodes to be revealed soon.

About Millennium: We attribute the success of our company to our team of dedicated professionals who share our passion for doing the thing we love.

They inspire us to run faster and jump higher.

We don’t have an engineering department we have a company of engineers, all empowered to design and create and constantly improve our product!

Innovative designs, superior technology and a passion for excellence.

We invite you to experience the Millennium difference!

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Contact us: Millennium Luxury Coaches 877-322-0190 1601

Dolgner Place Sanford, FL 32771 Video Production by IMECUS:

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