West Coast Container House Walkthrough (2015)

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Published on August 8, 2015

Take a walkthrough of this west coast container home with IPME owner Bill Hinchliff, as he discusses the kitchen design, interior lighting, bedroom features, bathroom, and more!

Only two 40 ft shipping containers make up this entire unique container dwelling.

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Probably the biggest thing to understand is that the container will only be a small fraction of your total cost.  Most containers will run you anywhere from $1,500-$4,500 (depending on age and size), while most container cabins start in the $20k range for a small single unit home.

It takes a lot, particularly in the US, to get a container up to code and properly insulated.  Simply adding a door and a few windows will double your initial cost.

Shipping container homes and buildings are very cool, but most people we talk to assume it’s a cheap alternative to traditional housing.  While your total cost will probably be a little less than traditional wood construction, and you’ll benefit from a more durable steel building, in most cases you won’t save that much money…

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