How to build an Affordable, Environmentally green Shipping Container Home.

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Home Container Houses How to build an Affordable, Environmentally green Shipping Container Home.
Published on August 8, 2015

How do I build comfortable shipping container home, for winter and summer temperature?


Wrap it with a very good layer of insulation. 

I have found that the foil faced extruded polystyrene board (R-Max and Thermax are the brands I have used) seem to outperform their nominal specs. We did a similar retrofit on a modular house (a “doublewide” as we call them here) which was minimally insulated and had terrible heating and cooling problems.

On the walls we used either 1 1/2″ or 2″ boards (I don’t recall exactly) with metal lath and full stucco. We used the same board on the roof with a corrugated metal roofing on sleepers to get cooling airflow from the eaves to ridge. After that whenever needed the air conditioning and a small wood stove provided enough heat. 

This was in Northern California though with milder weather than yours. The temperature range was mainly between 50-80F and extremes of 30-90F with a lot of daily fluctuation so hot days would always cool off in the evenings and cold night warm up in the day. In your case you may want to go with a bit thicker insulation and something other than stucco is probably better siding for you.


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