The Avis’ Permaculture Homestead // pt. 2

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Home Gardening The Avis’ Permaculture Homestead // pt. 2
Published on August 18, 2015

What does permaculture look like in real life?

Nestled in southeast Calgary is one of the city’s original thriving permaculture projects – our home!

As engineers and long-time permaculture designers and teachers, we’ve traveled the world to learn about sustainable and regenerative human habitat and have implemented many of these concepts on our property.

We’ve been transforming our inner-city home into a permaculture demonstration site since 2009, and are proud to use this video series to show you what we’ve done!

This 3 part video tour of our site includes explanations of our: – thriving food forest complete with fruit trees, bushes and tons of edible/medicinal perennials – passive solar greenhouse with rocket mass heater – water harvesting systems – energy-efficient house retrofits – composting systems – handmade cob oven – solar-powered water heater – and mega-productive veggie gardens (with wicking beds and swales)!

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